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Supt. Burleson

Avery County Superintendent Talks Safety

David Burleson, Avery County Superintendent, wrote to the local newspaper in an effort to reach out to the community. As school starts, safety needs to be top priority in multiple areas.

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Stop Arm Violation Awareness

 last updated Sept 9, 2014


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 The Bus Stops Here.. And So Should You!

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Stop Arm Violation Awareness Posters


School Bus Safety Web


September 22-26:
2014 Student Ridership Count
October 16-26:
NC State FairOctober 15:
TD2, TD2R, TD24 due to DPI Transportation Services
October 20-24:
National School Bus Safety WeekOctober 31:
TD-TIMS Due to DPI and TIMS Project Leader
November 4-5:
New Directors / Transportation Personnel Training, DPI, Raleigh