TIMS SQL introduced at NCPTA Conference

The new Edulog SQL (dubbed TIMSsql) program was introduced by TIMS staff members during 2012's NCPTA conference held at Kitty Hawk this Summer.

The full presentation can be downloaded here (powerpoint contains video. size: 338 MB)

TIMS.nt Data Preparation Prior to Conversion

Converting your data to the new SQL version is not difficult, but it does require that your data be in top shape before converting. Here is an overview of the procedures that should be completed before your data is submitted for conversion.

Once you feel your data is ready for conversion, your project leader will run it thru a series of diagnostics and let you know if anything further needs to be done before processing.

Server Specifications

Recommended Specs for Physical or Virtual Servers (updated Feb 2020)

v2012+ MS SQL Server "Express" or " Standard"?

Many County sites should be able to run the MS SQL Server Express with SQL Management Studio without problems, but for the larger sites, those running with more than 4 Routing operators, they will be competing for memory and may experience slow response time from the TIMS program. Edulog strongly recommends the Standard version outside of very small County operations.

Microsoft SQL (Express for smaller counties) must be installed on the same server as the “TIMsql” software. It should be installed under an Administrator account. TIMS support staff prefers to manage the installation of MS SQL.

Please ensure that the Management Studio is included with either version installed.

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