Thursday, July 28 2016

Eastern Guilford High School


Back to School Training for Transportation Staff
Back to School Driver Reminders
            Emergency Evacuations
            Backing the Bus
            Drivers Return Training, including the crossing signal
Railroad Crossing Training
                Fox River Grove Lessons
                Fox River Grove Lessons (with videos – Large File)

Transportation Systems
Railroad Crossings in TIMS
Driver Bus Route Feedback – Right Side Pickups and Route Hazards
               Right Side Pickup Form
               Route Hazard Reporting Form
TIMS Upgrade Status
BSIP Monthly Transportation Director’s Report

Transportation Security
Drivers and Technicians
          Security Basics for School Bus Drivers
          Security Basics for Transportation Personnel
Lap/Shoulder Belt Counties Meeting

Fleet Management
Bus Inspection Scores
2015-2016 DPI Inspections - Top 15 Defects
2016-17 New Bus Purchase Steps

Statewide Data Submissions and Funding
TD-2 Student Counts
State Transportation Allotments (PRC 056)