SVFMS - Web Application for Data

Access to the old SVFMS (Legacy System) was discontinued March 31. You will not be able to view this data by logging into NCDOT. Those users who were using NCDOT to view bus driver records will still have that capability, assuming your RACF ID and password remain current.

The Legacy data for the old EQMI and EQRH screens has been converted to a web application for you to reference from this time forward. The web address is and is available through a link on the NCBUSSAFETY web site. Click on BSIP, then SVFMS Legacy Data - Equipment Histories.

The navigation is self-explanatory but here are a few instructions:

The selection screen for Equipment Master will display. You may inquire for equipment as described in the fields displayed. Please note that equipment numbers are in the old format: bus 6001-0350 in SAP was 60100350 in Legacy. If you want history instead of master data, click on the History Button and select those fields that you wish to search on. There is also a button for Print and Help. If you are viewing an equipment master, there is a link directly to the history without having to return to the initial screen.

Please take time to explore this new application. If you have any questions, please email to