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Problem: Transaction IW42
You have entered your final material in the materials section, however the material number was incorrect and you cannot get the correct number immediately. You receive an error message: “Entry does not exist - check your entry”. You’re stuck and cannot back out of that error without losing the rest of the work on the page.

Explanation: You are now in an SAP error process; Until you enter correct information, you cannot exit out of the error correction process. But, because you don't know the real material number, you cannot finish the line, and thus the work order.

Solution: Enter ANY material number that is a real material (Oil for example 159000049) and leave the rest of the data you had entered for the line alone. Press enter and as long as you have completed all required fields the line will be accepted. At this point highlight the line and click on the delete line button. Now you can finish the order, and later MIGO the additional part onto it.