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Frequently Asked Questions
(buses delivered in 2007)

This page is to be used as a resource for the bus garages in North Carolina. Whenever an issue or question arises that may be of interest to others across the state, please submit questions, or volunteer an answer that may be helpful.
All questions, answers and comments should be submitted to Randy Henson via e-mail:

Q: What to do when we find stop sign LED lights with water in them?
A: Contact Carolina Thomas or Whites IC for replacement lights depending on which brand of bus the lights are on. These lights are covered under the warranty for five years.
Q: Are we supposed to use ULSD in the C2 buses that we just received?
A: No, as long as they are part of the regular summer 2007 delivery. Hopefully by now your fuel supplier has already started delivering ULSD to your storage tanks so that the tanks will be flushed out by the time 2007 engines are received by the LEA’s.
Q: How do I fix a leaking A/C unit? The driver has complained that they are getting wet when they hit the brakes.
A: The drain tube has either been improperly installed or left out during the manufacture process. Contact either Whites IC or Carolina Thomas. This issue will be repaired under warranty. 
Q: Are the C2 buses that I received supposed to have brake lining covers?
A: No. The Spec. committee voted to remove them in the 2006-2007 school bus specifications because technicians were having trouble viewing the brake lining site hole due to the placement of the air bag suspension.
Q: During our new vehicle inspection of C2’s, we noticed that several steering wheel nuts were not set to proper torque. What is the proper torque for tightening the steering nut?
A: They should be tightened to 55-65 lbs.
Q: Can we move the door switches off of the steering wheel on our IC buses?
A: Yes. The latest spec requires switches to be located on the switch panel, so such a retrofit is allowable.
Q: I have been told that batteries going dead in some cases on the C-2 buses is because of a light in the outside storage compartment. The light is not going off when the compartment is closed.
A: Either the light switch is bad OR the switch trigger is not properly adjusted to turn off the light when the door is closed.  Contact Carolina Thomas if you are unable to trouble shoot at your garage.
Q: When replacing brake linings, can we use the linings we already have in our inventory?
A: NO, the lining on all the buses delivered in 2007 are designed to extend the life of the lining. The correct replacement lining should be a “Carlise 2000” or “Meritor 211”.
Q: Can I remove the centrifuge filter off my engine if it has one? Some of my C-2 buses do not have a centrifuge on them.
A: Yes, Carolina Thomas will provide you with a plate to cover the space where the centrifuge was located. It is not required in the spec.
Q: I have a vibration in the driveline when driving the bus.  Is this covered under warranty?
A: Yes, contact the vendor with your information. Do not operate the vehicle long term when a vibration is noted. Serious problems with the driveline may develop after the 5 year warranty has expired.
Q: Water is leaking badly around the passenger windows when it rains, what should I do?
A: Contact the dealer for repairs.
Q: What should the A/C sight glass indicate if the system is operating properly? (e.g color of ring, clarity, bubbles, etc.)
A: Refer to the color indicator ring on the condenser unit under the bus to be sure color indicates absence of moisture. Inspect sight glass for clarity and lack of bubbles with A/C system operating. If the sight glass is not clear or if bubbles are noted, contact either Carolina Thomas or Whites IC for repair if bus is still under 5 yr. warranty.
Q: Why is the Schrader valve on the C2 bus not pumping the air tanks up as before when air is applied?
A: The Schrader valve allows for air to be introduced into the air tanks in the event of air compressor failure. The Schrader valve is located at the top of the engine on the driver side and looks like a tire valve stem. Some valves were not plumbed correctly during factory installation.  The correct plumbing is run with black tubing. Gray tubing indicates incorrect plumbing. Call Carolina Thomas for repair if incorrect plumbing is observed.
Q: Is it okay to wash the engine compartment per PM requirement even though computer components are located there.
A: Extreme care should be observed when washing newer buses for PMs. Water in a heavy stream or from a pressure washer should not be sprayed directly on any computer module located under the bus or in the engine compartment area. Also, avoid spraying any engine cleaning chemicals on these units

Q: Can I place the “RR/No turn on red” tags on buses older than 2007 models?  If so, where can I get them?
A: Yes, the tags can be placed on the rear opposite the license tag on any bus. The plates can be ordered from Correction Enterprises for $2.96 each (quantity 50 or more). The price is $5.92 for less than 50.

Contact information for ordering:
Debbie Jacobs, Customer Service Rep II
NC Corrections Enterprises
919-716-3652 (direct)  919-716-3975 (fax)