NCPTA Conference Presentations

Transfer Stops and Mid-Day Runs (2022)

Reports (2022)

Batch User Fields/Excel (2022)
-Time saving techniques for routing students

TIMS Through the Years (2018)

TIMS Reporting (2014)

Powerschool and TIMS (2014)

Miscellanious Presentations and Documents


Fall Planning & Summer School (PDF)
- Preparing for expanded Summer School Programs and Reopening Schools in August 2021

- The above presentation was recorded and viewable by clicking here
password required for viewing: X&63F.F5


Fall & Summer Planning: Preparing Bus Routes for the First Day of School (PDF)

- The above presentation was recorded and viewable by clicking here


TIMS Fall Planning and Summer School Seminar (March 2019)

Example forms from seminar: Ridership Survey & Trans Request

School Replacement Database 2019 Overview & Instructions - PDF and PPT

Lost assignments 2019 Overview & Instructions - PDF and PPT


Sample bus deassignment form (2018)

TIMS Compliance Document - June 2018

Older, but still relavent prentations

TIMS to PowerSchool - Transportation Data Import PowerPoint Presentation- Jan 2016

Bell Times Information and worksheet

TIMS Best Practices (2013)

Geocode Course 2 Powerpoint (2011)

GISMO Boundary Planning

Edulog Spring 2007 Newsletter

Archived documentation: Preparing Plan-B Routes in a COVID19 Environment

TIMS Webinar from June 24, 2020 covering TIMS Data Preparation for potential limited capacity Plan B School Bus Routes. (download the Webinar or PDF Presentation)

ITRE-TIMS Webinar: Plan B Route Preparation
The Webinar Covers the Following Topics

      1. Using a Single Database for Each Group of AB Students
      2. Managing A and B Databases
        1. Importing Special Plan B Codes to Identify AB Bus Riders
          1. EMU Process - Batch Fill User Field
          2. EMU Process - Deassigning Students from A and B Databases
          3. EMU Process - Deassigning Empty Stops from A and B Databases
      3. Evaluating Plan B Routing Requirements
        1. Ridership Counts by Schools and Neighborhoods
        2. Number of Bus Runs Required (Loads)
        3. Improving Bus Runs
          1. Resequencing Stops, Moving Stops Between Runs, Creating More Runs
          2. Designing Shorter Runs to Improve Route Pairing
        4. Analyzing School Supervision Time Required Before/After Bells

Coordinate A and B Database Info with GPS Vendors