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DWI Vehicle Seizure Laws

20­28.3 Seizure, impoundment, forfeiture of motor vehicles for offenses involving impaired driving while license revoked or without license and insurance.

20­28.4 Release of impounded motor vehicles by judge.

20­28.5 Forfeiture of impounded motor vehicle or funds.

20­28.6 Repealed by Session Laws 1998­182, s. 6 effective December 1, 1998, and applicable to offenses committed, contracts entered, and motor vehicles seized on or after that date.

20­28.7 Responsibility of Division of Motor Vehicles

20­28.8 Reports to the Division.

20­28.9 Authority for the Department of Public Instruction to administer a statewide or regional towing, storage, and sales program for driving while impaired vehicles forfeited.

Annual Reports

2009-2010 Annual DWI Vehicle Seizure Report


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