NC Laws & Policies

Public School Laws Governing Pupil Transportation

Requirement for Transportation to/from At-Risk Programs

School Bus Drivers - Cell Phone Use Prohibited

School Calendar and School Weather Closings

North Carolina Administrative Code Regarding Student Transportation – 16 NCAC 06B

Policies of the NC State Board of Education Regarding Pupil Transportation

School Attendance and Student Accounting Manual
(Inclement Weather Closing After Buses are Rolling, Chapter 5)

DPI Office of Financial and Business Services Allotment Policy Manual - Transportation
(Including Idling Reduction Requirements)

Services by Governmental Units G.S. 66-58 section c(9b) (The Umstead Act)
Stipulates allowable use of activity buses by outside groups (non-profits transporting children)

Law governing sale of tax-free fuel

Minimum Vacation Leave for School Bus Drivers - GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA;1997 SESSION; S.L. 1997-443; SENATE BILL 352

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, all regular school bus drivers, who have been employed for at least one academic year and who are not entitled to more than one day of paid vacation leave, are entitled to one day of paid vacation leave in each subsequent school year. An employee who is terminated or resigns before taking the leave day is not entitled to compensation for the day.

Other Laws

14-33. Misdemeanor assaults, batteries, and affrays, simple and aggravated; punishments.(school employees)

14-132.2. Willfully trespassing upon, damaging, or impeding the progress of a public school bus.


143-291. Article 31 Tort Claims against State Departments and Agencies

143-300.1. Claims against county and city boards of education for accidents involving school buses or school transportation service vehicles.

Tort Claims Coverage and Reimbursment Categories (currently under revision - 2019)
Frequently Asked Questions about Tort Claims and Mileage Reimbursement

Motor Vehicle Laws

20-28.3-28.9 DWI Vehicle Seizure Laws.

20-183.2. School Buses, Activity Buses exempt from annual DMV Inspection

20-137.4. Unlawful Use of a Mobile Phone

20-142.3. Certain vehicles (schoolbuses) must stop at railroad grade crossing.

FEDERAL LAW - 49 CFR 392.10 Railroad grade crossings; stopping required.

School Bus Stop Arm Laws

20-217. Motor vehicles to stop for properly marked and designated school buses in certain instances; evidence of identity of driver.

20-218 Standard qualifications for school bus drivers; speed limit for school buses and school activity buses

20-4.01. Definition of School Bus, Activity Bus (section 27 D3) and Public Vehicular Area (section 32)

Federal Laws

McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Children - Transportation Brief

DWI Vehicle Seizure Laws