Amercian School Bus Council

North Carolina
Community Fuel Savings Calculator

The North Carolina Community Fuel Savings Calculator is a spreadsheet which helps estimate the amount of fuel savings resulting from students riding school buses rather than being transported by individual passenger cars. When you open the spreadsheet, select a county from the drop-down menu, or select "Statewide" to see savings accrued to North Carolinians because over 770,000 ride nearly 14,000 school buses each day. Even though the Miles Per Gallon for school buses is much less than cars, this is more than outweighed by the benefit to transport many more students per vehicle than passenger cars


Using current fuel costs (January 2011) and actual mileages from the 2009-2010 school year, we can estimate the statewide savings resulting from the use of school buses in North Carolina. This is AFTER subtracting the fuel used by North Carolina public school buses:

  • 67,131,739 Gallons of Fuel

Click Here to Download the NC Community Fuel Savings Calculator (MS Excel file),
provided by the American School Bus Council