Randy Henson Retires

Randy Henson began working at DPI on October 14th, 2002, following state service with DMV as a Driver Education Program Specialist.  During his time as the Western Field Consultant, Randy has continually raised issues unique to the mountains to the attention of entire DPI Transportation Services Section. He was instrumental in the development, implementation and maintenance of the school bus inspector certification program and has served as DPI’s point person for the state inspection competition and the national America’s Best competition.

Enjoy this walk down memory lane of Randy’s career at DPI.

DMV DEPS Randy and Toni Floyd at the 2000 state fair with Buster the Bus.


Randy still continues his involvement with Buster on occasion, never leaving that safety education piece behind.


Brand new to DPI, Randy is pictuered with representatives from Western counties receiving a new Buster the Bus in 2002

In 2002, Randy presents the best western inspection award to Macon County Schools.

Randy says that one of the things he will miss most is the relationship with his coworkers at DPI.

2004 DPI Staff.

2010 DPI Staff picture.

Early 2010 – Field Guys and Craig Warren

2012 DPI Staff

2013 Field Guys “Christmas Card”

As a member of the spec committee, Randy participated in many new bus pilot inspections through the years. Pilot inspection 2006.

At the District 3 celebration, David Sluder, Randy’s predecessor, donned his DPI coveralls and thanked Randy for his service and the personal sacrifice required of a field consultant that spends a lot of time on the road.

Randy’s home office 2003.


Randy was part of the team recognized in 2007 for the successful, efficient delivery of over 1200 new replacement school buses in a single year.

 Randy’s involvement in the state inspection contest and America’s Best competition helped propel several North Carolina inspectors to national prominence. Rick Jennings, Terry Barlow, Tim Speer, Danny Reed, Dustin Wells and Ralph Trango have all placed in the top 3 nationally.

Randy is pictured with Rick Jennings and Danny Reed in 2007 at the national competition.

Randy was joined by his parents as NCPTA celebrated his service at retirement at the District 3 meeting in October 2016.

Randy received his retirement certificate in Raleigh, surrounded by DPI staff. He was also joined by his daughter Ashlyn and her husband Wilson.

The DPI crew will miss you!