Wake County Schools shares videos in schools for bus conduct and safety campaign

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WCPSS elementary students, assistant principals and bus drivers worked together during November to create a Transportation safety campaign to use in WCPSS elementary schools.

The students and bus drivers recorded a series of short videos that focus on two important messages:

1) students should be safe at the bus stop and boarding/leaving the bus
2) students should be good bus riders

These issues were highlighted in September, when one student was killed and another seriously injured in accidents.

In October, the Board of Education heard of the difficulties WCPSS Transportation has in meeting the need for school bus drivers. Exit interviews of departing drivers mention student conduct on the bus as a contributing factor.

In video messages, students share tips for keeping students safe at bus stops and good conduct on the bus.
The videos have been shared with WCPSS elementary schools to broadcast during morning video announcements and to share in classrooms.

Bus conduct and safety is the responsibility of many people working together including parents, students, school administrators and bus drivers.

Information on expectations for students can be found on the Transportation webpage.

The information has been shared with the Wake County PTA Council to encourage parents to use the videos in talking with children about the importance of bus safety and bus conduct.

Schools, bus drivers and families work together to safely get children to school, the first step in the learning process – being in class ready to learn.

You can view the series of videos at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh0NMiBxz7S0c4v70PFPx4RSqjkAAvYAl