Scooter the School Bus Safety Dog

Wendy Anderson, Randolph County DMV School Bus and Traffic Safety, visited Grays Chapel Elementary School on Monday, October 27, with Scooter the School Bus Safety Dog. Scooter and Wendy reminded Grays Chapel Elementary School Cross Cat, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students about school bus safety.

Did you know a school bus weighs as much as three elephants? Grays Chapel students know that now, which helps them better comprehend and respect Randolph County School System’s school bus rider expectations. Would you step out in front of three stampeding elephants? Of course not! With students having a clear understanding of the size and weight of a school bus, they are even more understanding of school bus safety rules.

Scooter and Wendy reminded students to stop before crossing the street. Scooter demonstrated well what drivers are supposed to do when they see a school bus stop arm. Scooter and Wendy also reminded students to stop, make sure the road is clear and traffic is stopped before crossing the street; even when the stop arm is extended.

Scooter demonstrated the dangers of traveling behind the school bus or stopping to pick up a dropped item in front of the school bus. Scooter also showed students how to sit in their assigned seats – no rolling around in the floor, being in the aisle, or being up out of their seats while the bus is moving due to the danger that could present for them and/or other passengers. If you drop trash on the school bus floor, what are you to do? Grays Chapel students were reminded; pick up the trash and put it in the trash box on the bus when exiting the bus or while the bus is stopped.

Thank you, Scooter and Wendy, for reminding us of school bus safety. We appreciate you and your dedication to helping us remain safe!!