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Sharon Miller
Sharon bas been married to her husband Chuck for 21 years and has 3 children that attend Davie County Schools. 2 boys in high school ages 17 & 16 and a daughter in South Davie Middle School, age 12.

Sharon Miller on ROADeo Course
Sharon, seen here on the roadeo course, said: "The test was very tough and they did not tell you which ones you missed. The driving was challenging. The course was tight, they ran 8 buses on the course at one time and they covered all the back glasses and the crossover mirrors. The crossover mirrors was a surprise that they threw in on Saturday night after the test."


Sharon Miller, a 9th year driver from Davie County and 109 other drivers from across the planet went to Boston to participate in the International School Bus Driver Safety Competition. Although she did not bring home a plaque indicating a top placement in the competition, Sharon did make new friends, toured Boston with her husband, and found out first hand that the national competition is much tougher than state level.

Before her trip to Boston, Sharon had previously won the Davie County Bus Roadeo two years in a row. She placed 7th in the state in 2006 and won the state in 2007. Sharon comes from a family of bus drivers as her mother has been a bus driver at Cooleemee Elem. For 35 years. Her sister drives for Davie HS and works at the bus garage. She also has several cousins and an aunt who have driven school buses in past.

Sharon Miller receives her participation plaque.
Sharon Miller receives her participation plaque.

Sharon says “My favorite things about my job are driving a large vehicle and having unique conversations with the students I drive. There will always be a few kids on the bus that test your sanity, but for the most part, the students are a pleasure to be around.”

Sharon offers her insights about the national competition to others. “Every driver should try driving a tight course without the crossover mirrors (just for fun). Not knowing how close the front of the bus is on parallel parking and stop line is interesting. The back up alley did not have an object to back up to. You had to stop your bus 4-5 feet from the back of the stall and there was a 12 inch free space (not marked) for you to try and stop the bumper in. The stall was 2 times the length of the bus. The offset alley had an extra alley. You went in at an angle then right and then left. The curb line was extremely challenging. Only 4 people even made a score. 2 got the full 50 points and 2 got 25 points.”

George Soverins, Jr, a bus driver from Pennsylvania won the national title in Boston. Sharon finished 16th from a field of 51 drivers who competed in the type C class.

North Carolina is proud of Sharon for winning the state competition and representing the state’s school bus drivers at the national competition.










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