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2006 TIMS Conference

Derek Graham presents plaques of appreciation to Hien Nguyen, president and CEO of Education Logistics, Inc. and Tom Runke with the state of North Carolina. Mr. Runkle is former Deputy Controller for DPI and was responsible for the implementation of TIMS, SIMS, UERS and more.

Runkle and Nguyen negotiated the first contract for a statewide TIMS software license in 1986.

TIMS Users gather

TIMS users gather together during a break between sessions.

Jody has an Easy Button

Jody says you can get it all done if you have an EASY BUTTON!

Kim Fox

Kim Fox

 2006 Tymposium Celebrates 20 Years of TIMS

TIMS memoriesTIMS users and other pupil transportation staff gathered in Greensboro on March 20-22 for the 2006 Tymposium. This meeting marked the 20th anniversary of the first TIMS software installation in North Carolina under a state-wide license agreement with Education Logistics. The event in Greensboro combined a celebration of that landmark with some of the most intense TIMS education and training sessions ever offered in North Carolina.

Hien Nguyen, the founder and president of Education Logistics (Edulog) was present and spoke during the general session. He outlined the history of the long relationship between his company and NC and gave his perspective on the future of pupil transportation software industry.

TIMS through the years; a display of archived materials.

Phil MullenTom Runkle, who currently works in the state office of strategic initiatives, was also present. Mr. Runkle originally negotiated the license agreement with Edulog. He emphasized the importance of the

people who were involved making the difference in the overall success of the project.

Tom Mullins and Joe Odell from Edulog showed the integrated GPS software from Edulog called Edutracker, the web query product, and previewed an integration of Edulog and GPS software that will allow data updates to flow from GPS to Edulog.

Phil Mullen, recently retired as Executive Director of Transportation for Cumberland County Schools, was one of two original TIMS Coordinators beginning in 1886.

In-depth sessions were presented on boundary planning, reporting, and operations. These sessions were presented by Edulog staff members who are experts in these areas.

Edulog Staff
TIMS audience
John introduces EDULOG staff as the conference begins.
Just waiting for class to begin.














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