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NCOL photo
Craig Warren (DPI), Jim Lewis (Wilson County), Billy Sugg (Johnston County) and Harry Williams (Wilson County)
participate in Operation Lifesaver Safety Training on September 13th.


 School Buses and Highway Rail Grade Crossing Safety

The Department of Transportation (DOT) prioritizes which rail crossings are eligible for upgraded safety deviceds (lights, gates, etc.) based on a number of criteria. One of those is how many children cross the tracks daily via school bus. Information from TIMS is a critical part of this decision-making process.

During the 2006 Spring Tymposium, we held a workshop on Railroad and Hazards in TIMS. Ric Cruz and Jon Skinner from the DOT Rail Division attended this workshop as our guest speakers. Ric discussed the importance of the data that we send to his department, and the impact it has on funding for highway-rail grade crossing safety upgrades.

There was a PowerPoint presentation on how Railroad and Hazard data are to be entered into TIMS and then maps with DOT crossing numbers were handed out to all participants of the workshop.

There will be a Railroad and Hazards Workshop in the TIMS labs (at ITRE on October 11th and December 5th and 7th at UNC Charlotte) where TIMS Data Managers will log into their site data so they can get their Railroad and Hazard data entered into their systems. After these workshops the TIMS staff will then be able to forward the necessary reports to Jon Skinner and Ric Cruz at the Rail Division.

This information was submitted by Bonnie Cash at ITRE who is coordinating this effort with DOT.



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