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 School Bus Watch in North Carolina

State contingency funding is available for training school bus drivers in School Bus Watch through May 15, 2007. School Bus Watch training helps school bus personnel to learn how to observe, assess and report safety or security incidents while in the normal course of their professional duties. The School Bus Watch program provides school bus drivers with some basic background on potential threats to school buses. The program is sponsored by the Transportation Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It was developed by the three national pupil transportation associations (NASDPTS, NAPT and NSTA) in conjunction with Highway Watch© and is available to school transportation professionals nationwide.

North Carolina LEAs can apply for contingency funds to cover school bus driver wages for up to two hours per driver to attend the training. Requests must be pre-approved by DPI Transportation Services and the pre-approval form must be submitted with the request for contingency funding by April 15 or within one week of the training session, whichever is later.

Instruction is provided by Dr. John Leak, DPI Transportation Services. Dr. Leak is a certified School Bus Watch instructor. Upon completion of School Bus Watch training, each participant will receive a personal registration card with ID # and the toll free Hazard Line.

In order to request pre-approval for contingency funding for school bus driver wages, send an e-mail to Kevin Harrison with the following:

1. Requested date (prior to May 15, 2007)
2. Location
3. Number of Participants
4. Estimated hourly wage for participants
5. Number of hours (1.5 or 2) and total funding requested

More information on safety and security training is available at










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