New updated Transportation Position Classifications

July / 2019













Transportation Position Classifications


Below are the updated Transportation Position Classifications recommended for use by the NCPTA.  The Excel document contains comparative analysis using the recommended classifications and the current job classifications found on the NCDPI website.  Classification descriptions are part of the Office of State Personnel database that were used for comparison purposes.

Many LEA's have experienced significant turnover in mechanical and office staff positions over the past few months.  Earlier this year, the NCPTA formed a committee to review this issue and make recommendations to NCDPI regarding the update of position classifications.  At this point, NCDPI has shared with us that they are unable to update existing position classifications due to a lack of funding to accompany any associated pay level increase resulting from adoption of the new classifications.  Unfortunately, the position shared by NCDPI does not address the issue of competitive pay comparisons needed for LEA's to attract and retain employees in mechanical and office staff positions.  

By publishing the Committee recommendations, it is our hope that Transportation Departments can use the information to discuss competitive pay issues with their Superintendents and HR Departments so that employees can be compensated at levels needed to attract and retain these important staff members.  Keep in mind that salary may be paid up to the maximum of existing salary grades using state funds, so using the attached comparative analysis to move employees up within existing salary ranges is completely allowable and is recommended by NCPTA until job classifications are updated by NCDPI.

We will continue working with the General Assembly and with NCDPI to affect needed changes in compensation for our LEA Transportation staff; meanwhile, please use the attached information to the extent possible to address compensation issues within your areas.

Please direct any questions to G. Scott Denton, Executive Director - NCPTA.

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