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 Gaston County Recognized as one of the 10 Great
 Fleets Across Amerca

If you open the November Issue of School Bus Fleet Magazine, you will discover that North Carolina has a school bus transportation fleet that is "Advancing with Technology".

They are providing excellent in-service education to the technicians by holding numerous training sessions on a variety of topics that help them service today's high tech buses. The technicians have a very spacious and modern garage area that is well equipped including access to six laptops located in the shop area. Several times a year the community outreach program informs the public about school bus regulations by going to shopping centers and setting up a display that includes Buster the bus and a restored 1950 Chevy school bus.

Bus drivers remain well informed through meetings, safety programs and banquets that are held to keep up the morale. Additionally, the department applied for two grants to help purchase bus filtration systems to reduce diesel emissions, completed installation of video camera's on all 206 buses and has a safety committee made up of various folks throughout the department to review all school bus incidents and collisions.Testing Chemicals

Currently the Transportation Department is getting the most attention due to the in-house Bio-Diesel production facility. Gaston County is leading the way in recycling by taking waste vegetable oil from within the school system and producing Bio-Diesel to mix in with the regular Diesel. They run this mix in the older buses that have already gone off warranty. They hope to save $150,000 per year once full production is achieved. In early October a press conference about the Bio-Diesel production was well received by all of the local & national media. Numerous TV news stories and newspaper articles were generated for the world to see.

At the helm of all this attention is Baxter Starr, Director and Grady Truett, Shop Foreman. They have worked together for over 25 years to help make the Gaston Co. Transportation Dept. the successful program that it is today. They are both very modest in the spotlight and are quick to point out that they have excellent technicians in the shop, a great office staff, and total support from the superintendent's office.

Congratulations Gaston County for being recognized as an outstanding school bus fleet!










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